An insight into my industrial placement at Ranieri

Ranieri Christmas Party, 2020

Often, when people hear that you’re an intern they assume that you are an admin machine. “Don’t interns just make coffee and arrange meetings?” — the answer in my case, is definitely not. For just over a year I worked as Junior Account Executive at Ranieri, a PR, Social and Influencer Marketing agency. Here is a day in the life of my industrial placement.

It is first worth noting a little background about the company. Based in Oxford Circus, Ranieri is a consumer tech, gaming and lifestyle PR agency, with Influencer and…

After another Instagram update, I reached out to social media manager Sam Williams to hear his thoughts on how it will affect the platform and its users

The new layout changes the functionality of the home screen

Since late 2020, Instagram has been testing various new home screen layouts. Pushing the Activity and Explore sections to the top and replacing them with Reels and Shop buttons, the platform is seemingly prioritising the 2 new features. I’ve had the update for a few months now — as a creature of habit I can safely say I end up on the Shop section at least once a day when looking for my…

A critical reflection of how Instagram Stories can be used as a powerful tool of communication

Paving the way for platforms to come, Snapchat first introduced us to Stories in 2013. Instagram soon followed suit and introduced their own Stories to the platform in 2016, with over 500 million people now using Instagram Stories daily. But what makes them so effective?

As defined by an article from the Review of Cognitive Linguistics, multimodal digital storytelling is “an expanding activity by which ordinary people all over the world relate their personal experiences in the form of a multimodal story and upload…

An analysis of my own experience with the world of Twitter

As defined by David J. Fiander in Social Media for Academics, microblogging is “the general term for the concept of posting very short status updates as popularised by services such as Twitter”. But how can we make the most of our Tweets? I conducted an analysis of my own use of the platform and what can be gained from microblogging in terms of engagement.

Having completed a 13 month placement for a PR, Social Media and Influencer Marketing agency, I have had experience with working on both brand social…

How media portrayals have shaped the way we perceive the British Prime Minister

Boris, BoJo, Britain’s Donald Trump. Our Prime Minister is no stranger to colloquial nicknames — but why is this so different to the way we see other politicians?

With the inundation of news about Brexit and the ever-changing Covid-19 measures, I couldn’t help but notice the way that Boris Johnson is presented by the media and perceived by the public. The first thing to note would be the many alterations of his name. Understandably, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is not his public name of choice. Such…

Johnny Depp recently lost his libel battle against The Sun — but what are the legal reasons behind the claim and court’s ruling?

As defined by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), a defamatory statement is one that “seriously harms the reputation of a person or organisation”. In the case that the defamatory statement is published and in writing, print or some other permanent form, it then constitutes as libel.

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) code of conduct states that journalists have a responsibility to “ensure that information disseminated is honestly conveyed, accurate and fair”. The problem with tabloid…

The difficult truth about the unjust treatment and experience of women journalists

Casual sexism. Not-so-casual sexism. Online abuse. Harassment and violence. Even in 2020, women in journalism face these struggles on almost a daily basis.

In October this year, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) released a report on online violence against women journalists. With responses from 714 women journalists across 113 countries, it is the most comprehensive and geographically diverse study ever undertaken on the subject of online violence. …

What I learnt from my experience

I was shocked to see members of the Bournemouth community coming together underneath an article to attack ‘lazy’ parents who ‘should’ve been financially stable for at least 16 years before even thinking about having children’. This completely contradicted my earlier research on social media, which showed many Bournemouth residents to be outraged with the council’s vote against the notion. Naturally, this made me question why the article had provoked this type of reaction. …

Do we control social media, or does it control us?

Whether you use it to connect with friends, build new relationships, give an insight into your life or see into the lives of others, by now, social media probably forms part of your daily routine in one way or another. The days before social media seem like a distant memory. Go-to platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have changed the face of social interactions as we know them. The big question is: are we helpless to the addictive nature of social media, or is it a case of simply regulating our usage in order to minimise negative effects?

At first…

Sara Haro Munoz

Aspiring copywriter, writing about all things journalism and social media! Twitter 🐥: @sara_haromunoz

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